Items with a $ may incur an annual cost.  


$ Registrar – Who you purchased your domain name from.  Examples include GoDaddy, Namecheap, and Network Solutions.


IP Address – is a multidigit number that identifies a computer on a network, basically its actual address.  For you, this is the address of our web server. 
Home Address


DNS – Domain Name Service – A service that points domain names to IP addresses.   For example, DNS points your domain name to the IP address of your host.  Your DNS records are most often kept by your Registrar or your Host.
Traffic Cop


$ Host – This is the web server where the website files are housed and served to site visitors.  For WDD clients this is our webserver.


$ SSL – Secure Certificate – This encodes information to and from your website for security, particularly personal information and credit card numbers.   Google now requires and SSL for all sites listed on their search engine.  Your SSL may be included in your hosting or may be a separate charge.
Confidentiality Controller


$ WordPress UpdatesWordPress is the software platform that many sites are built on.  Avada is a page builder that makes sites easy to edit.  Plugins extend the functionality of a website.  All of these disparate software systems need to be proactively updated and maintained for security and functionality.
Maintenance Man


$ CDNContent Delivery Network – Hosts and serves a cached version of your site to improve speed.   The CDN also takes over DNS service.  An example is Cloudflare.
Turbo Charger


$ E-commerce – Any online transaction where payment is taken online for goods, services, admission, lodging, and subscriptions.


$  Payment Processor – The intermediary between your bank and your website.  Some e-commerce providers offer a holistic package with bank, processor, and store bundled such as WIX, Square or Shopify.
Middle Man