Paid Search Professionals

Paid search can be a massive driver of traffic and revenue. It can also be a colossal waste of time and money. It is a tool that requires an experienced hand and also someone who keeps their head in the game as search technology changes.

Engaging a paid search professional will assure that your campaigns are optimized, productive and evolving.

With WDD

  • Ensure your money spent is not wasted on irrelevant search terms

  • Bid the value of each search’s purchase intent
  • Create granular ad groups to delineate varying search value
  • Bid on enough keywords to see what is driving performance
  • Adjust bids based on the most lucrative geographic locations
  • Adjust recommendations based on device, timing, response medium, and audience.

Ready to Get Started?

WDD has extensive experience in strategic business advertising. If you are interested in talking with WDD about your paid search campaign contact us today!